Poverty Free India Will Be Powered By Lakhpati Women

Mission Lakhpati requires all hands on deck, whole of society approach drawing inter-linkages across industry, start-ups, markets

By NN Sinha 15/10/2023

G20 Ministerial Conference Celebrates Actions To Accelerate Women-Led Development

When women prosper, the world prospers. Their economic empowerment fuels growth, their access to education drives global progress, their leadership fosters inclusivity, and their voices inspire positive change, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his virtual...

By Outlook Planet Desk 03/08/2023

G20 Ministerial Conference To Focus On Gender Parity And Climate Crisis

The outcomes of these discussions will be compiled in the chair's summary and presented as recommendations to G20 leaders

By PTI 02/08/2023

Himachal Chief Minister Launches Collateral-Free Loan Scheme For Women

The 'Sashakt Mahila Rin Yojna' is an initiative of Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Bank (HPSCB), which will provide loans to women for pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, engage in livelihood activities, fulfil their day to day needs and uplift their...

By PTI 21/07/2023

World Health Day 2023: Empowering Women To Achieve Health SDG

Irrespective of which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is sought to be addressed for women, it is evident that there is need to empower them across verticals

By Shaifalika Panda 07/04/2023

World Water Day: It’s Time For Women to Manage, Not Just Collect & Use, Water!

There are enormous opportunity costs to fetching water – deprived from being able to earn an income, care for their children, or for younger girl's, get a proper education.  And it is the entire family, and wider community, that suffers as a result

By Pearl Tiwari 22/03/2023

Creating Enabling Ecosytems  

From a research standpoint, having well-versed individuals in the labour market and experts in energy or climate ecosystems is important

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/03/2023

Crafting Green Products For Women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, Outlook Planet catches up with start-ups  high on sustainability when it comes to women’s products like garments, accessories, jewellery or cosmetics 

By Naina Gautam 08/03/2023

Women’s Empowerment Calls For Holistic Approach

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, Outlook Planet looks at why India is likely to miss the target for contraceptive use under SDG 3 for health despite an increase in the use of modern contraceptives for family planning

By Poonam Muttreja 08/03/2023

WCD Ministry, Invest India Ink MoU On Nutrition And Other Areas

Invest India will conduct research and seek international cooperation in capacity building

By Prakash Kumar 10/03/2021