Combatting Climate Change Through Plastic Credits

World Environment Day 2023: Recognising the potential of plastic credits and incorporating them into their strategy for addressing climate change are essential for organisations, governments, and people

By Manish Dabkara 05/06/2023

Beating Plastic Pollution, Where Does India Stand Globally?

World Environment Day 2023: Social enterprises in India are taking proactive measures toward eradicating plastic waste and promoting environmentally sustainable practices by endorsing eco-friendly alternatives

By Ananth Aravamudan 05/06/2023

Redefining Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

World Environment Day 2023: The disposal and recyclability of plastic are of utmost importance today which requires a supportive environment from stakeholders across levels

By Ashok Jaipuria 05/06/2023

Need To Change The Production, Use, And Disposal Of Plastic 

World Environment Day 2023: Plastics impact disclosure by corporations is a critical step towards removing plastics from the environment and improving the health of seas and freshwater ecosystems

By Prarthana Borah 05/06/2023

Climate Change Threatens India's Crop and Spice Production

World Environment Day 2023: To ensure a resilient future for both farmers and consumers, we must address climate change and work to restructure our food systems 

By Karan Panchal 05/06/2023

Environmental Sustainability Essential For Businesses

World Environment Day 2023: Firms are increasingly viewing sustainability as a strategic priority rather than a compliance need

By Prashant Gupta 05/06/2023

Need Circular Economy To Achieve Just Transition

World Environment Day 2023: An efficient 'just transition' strategy must incorporate widespread adoption of a circular material-use model, energy efficiency, and waste-disposal practices

By Dr. Praveen Saxena 05/06/2023

Businesses Need To Extend Their Responsibilities Beyond Legal Obligations

World Environment Day 2023: Extended Producer Responsibility, backed up by voluntary pledges, is the means to address plastics' environmental impact

By Tejashree Joshi 05/06/2023

Plastic Water Bottles, Poison In Disguise

World Environment Day 2023: We need to minimise the usage of plastic water bottles since, despite being aware of the negative impacts of plastic, affluent India remains obsessed with plastic water bottles

By Ganesh Iyer 05/06/2023

Wonderful Waste : Emulating Art for Awareness

World Environment Day 2023: Together, we can rethink waste, redefine what it means to be beautiful, and build a sustainable future where the arts and the environment co-exist in peace

By Dhanish Goyal 05/06/2023