India’s Solid Waste Is A Collective Challenge

World Environment Day 2023: India can transform its massive waste problem into an engine of energy, economy, and empowerment

By Gayatri Divecha 05/06/2023

Embracing ESG To Counter Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2023: Recycling is a preferred way to deal with plastic waste but a key worry is the unsegregated waste that lies untreated in the environment

By Harish H V 05/06/2023

The Last Straw: Battling Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2023: Although, plastic is becoming socially unacceptable, tackling this issue still seems far from reality  

By Sudhir Mishra 05/06/2023

Falling Back On Nature For A Plastic-Free World

World Environment Day 2023: Plastic, initially hailed as a revolutionary material, has become an omnipresent pollutant. Its durability and resistance to degradation, qualities that once made it versatile, are now leading to its accumulation in our environment

By Vineet Mittal 05/06/2023

Save The Earth: Wear Preloved Apparel With Pride

World Environment Day 2023: The most sustainable thing is always what you already have in your closet, and today leading international fashion icons are proudly re-wearing even statement pieces with style

By Komal Hiranandani 05/06/2023

Climate Intent And Action Need To Match Up

World Environment Day 2022 is not only a day to express intent, but also step on the gas on climate actions

By Rajiv Tikoo 05/06/2022

Climate Change In Times Of War And Peace

Renewable energy and hydrogen can reduce help reduce emissions, but there is a need for conferences of parties to reduce larger risks to the planet, its life-forms and the human civilization

By Dr.Jami Hossain 03/06/2022