Global Water Resources In Crisis As River Conditions Deviate From Normal: WMO Report

Over the years, there has been a noticeable decrease in snow cover and a substantial increase in glacial lakes, impacting river runoffs in critical basins like the Indus

By PTI 13/10/2023

Energy Transition To Biofuels To Help Businesses Become ESG Friendly

The substitution of coal and diesel with eco-friendly biofuels reduces the emission of harmful gases that are detrimental to the environment and contribute to global warming

By Ashvin Patil 26/09/2023

Only 15% Of The  SDGs Are On Track: Report

While it was widely understood that weather, climate, and water-related sciences provide the underpinnings for climate action, it is less recognised how these sciences can supercharge progress on the SDGs across the board: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

By PTI 15/09/2023

Extreme Weather Causes Financial And Human Lives Losses

Extreme temperatures incidence was the top cause of reported deaths; floods were the main cause of economic losses, as per a new WMO report 

By Associated Press 22/05/2023

Chances Of Temperature To Exceed 1.5°C During 2023-2027 Increase

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that climate-related risks for natural and human systems are higher for global warming of 1.5 °C than at present, but lower than at 2 °C

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/05/2023

The Average Global Temperature Has Reached Its Highest Level Ever Over The Last Eight Years: WMO

Half Of The 767.9 Million facing undernourishment in 2021 are in Asia due to Food Security induced by Climate Change

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/04/2023

El Nino expected to return, likely to fuel spike in global temperatures: WMO

After three years in a row of an extremely tenacious and prolonged La Nina, the El Nino event may occur

By PTI 03/03/2023

Cities like Mumbai Will Face Serious Impacts Of Sea Level Rise: UN Secretary-General

A new report by the World Meteorological Organisation emphasises how urgent it is to address this problem given how quickly sea levels are rising

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/02/2023