Saurabh Kumar

Clean Energy Powers India's Path to Economic Growth and Cleaner Air

Green jobs not only provide livelihood opportunities, thereby reducing poverty but also empower local communities by ensuring reliable and affordable energy access

June 15, 2024

Transforming Sustainability With Innovative Solutions

At the Innovating for Sustainability Transformation event, sustainability and tech experts explored innovative options to drive India's sustainability agenda

February 24, 2024

Our Mission Is Not Just About Transportation; It’s About Empowerment

As CEO of PMI Electro Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Aanchal Jain brings a new perspective to the EV industry. She is an alumnus of Northwestern University and LSE, a visiting scholar at Harvard University and faculty at the University of California. Excerpts from an interview with Saurabh Kumar

February 15, 2024

We Aim To Transform The Future Of Mobility

An industry veteran, Devndra Chawla is the driving force behind GreenCell Mobility’s ambitious objective to establish itself as a leader in the shared electric mobility space across India. Excerpts from an interview with Saurabh Kumar

February 15, 2024

UFlex Is Committed To Achieving Carbon Neutrality By 2035

Jeevaraj Gopal Pillai is an eminent leader in the packaging industry. A mechanical engineer with an MBA degree, Pillai has been associated with UFlex, a renowned packaging company, for the last 27 years. He has more than 34 years of industry experience, spanning various aspects of packaging technology from pre-press to high-end conversion to designing flexible packaging materials for circularity. In this interview with Saurabh Kumar, he emphasises the importance of building a circular packaging economy

February 12, 2024