PM Modi Looks Forward To Forging Partnerships At COP28

India has consistently underscored the importance of climate action while pursuing social and economic development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

By PTI 01/12/2023

Landmark Report Spotlights Positive Impact Of Nature-Based Infrastructure

Study shows that adopting nature-driven infrastructure is a cost-effective, sustainable, and resilient approach to achieving SDGs and other development objectives

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/11/2023

Corporate India's ESG Prospects

International ESG Day 2023: As Indian companies prepare for a future where ESG preparedness is not just a choice but a necessity, the path forward involves a comprehensive rethink of strategies, an embrace of technological innovation, and a commitment to...

By Viral Thakker 30/11/2023

IBM Boosts Climate Action With Sustainability Projects And Green Skills Training For Vulnerable Communities

IBM expands social impact initiatives, collaborating globally to advance environmental sustainability while offering free green and tech skills training through SkillsBuild for underrepresented communities, supporting COP28 goals

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/11/2023

UNESCO's Report Focuses On Climate Education In India

In the heart of New Delhi, UNESCO reveals its latest findings on how education can combat the climate crisis

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/10/2023

EU Ban On Carbon Neutral Claims Set To Kill The Carbon Market

The biggest impact of this ban will be the collateral damage of the voluntary carbon market that thrives on trading emission offsets and caters to businesses wanting to claim carbon neutrality by emission offsetting

By Bose K Varghese 30/09/2023

Increase In Sales Of Solar Energy And EV Gives Hope For Climate Goals: Report

Renewable power needs to triple by 2030, the sale of EVs needs to rise much more sharply and methane emissions from the energy sector needs to fall by 75 per cent if global warming is to be curbed to the the Paris Agreement goal

By PTI 27/09/2023

Guterres Sounds Climate Alarm At Climate Ambition Summit

UN secretary-general's Acceleration Agenda set audacious benchmarks, urging developed countries to attain net-zero emissions as close to 2040 as possible, with emerging economies close to 2050

By PTI 21/09/2023

UK PM Delays Petrol, Diesel Car Ban In Net Zero Reset

There has been a mixed reaction to his announcements, with environmental groups and even sections of his own Conservative Party questioning the delays

By PTI 21/09/2023

Abatement Tech Can't Be Used To Justify Fuel Expansion: Group Of 17 Countries

With the world experiencing unprecedented heat at just 1.1 degrees of global warming, the leaders emphasised the importance of restoring and protecting carbon sinks in the fight against climate change

By PTI 20/09/2023