Only Zero-Emission Cars Can Help Reduce Air Pollution: Tata Motors

Hybrid and CNG technologies in cars help improve fuel efficiency and meet emission-related norms, but cannot be compared with pure battery electric vehicles

By PTI 22/01/2024

Hybrid Cars Gain Traction As Enthusiasm Ebbs For Electric Vehicles

As we rev into 2024, electric cravings appear to be waning relative to hybrid vehicles, indicating a shift in India's auto landscape, marked by persistent charging challenges and the surging appeal of hybrids

By Outlook Planet Desk 25/12/2023

Lotus Cars Launches Three Models Of EVs In India

Exclusive Motors to represent Lotus Cars across India and will open its first showroom in Delhi, more stores in other cities depending on consumer response and demand

By PTI 10/11/2023

VinFast Eyes India for EV Manufacturing Hub

Vietnamese EV Ggant scouts locations in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat for a potential $200m facility, targeting a booming market

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/10/2023

Infosys Joins Hands With Smart Europe GmbH To Elevate E-Mobility!

Strategic five-year partnership focuses on transforming customer experience and boosting digital sales in the electric vehicle landscape

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/10/2023

India’s EAM To Invest $650 Million In EV Battery Making In US

The company plans to produce both natural and synthetic graphite anodes, crucial for the burgeoning EV battery market

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/10/2023

Altigreen Aims To Sell 1,500 Fast-Charging Three-Wheeler Cargo EVs By Year-End

The company aims to establish a leadership position in India's large EV Cargo market with innovative offerings

By PTI 27/10/2023

Switching To Electric: Promises & Pitfalls

World Sustainability Day 2023: While EVs rev up to rule the roads, hurdles like charging networks, battery innovations, and cost stand in their way

By Pankaj Sharma 26/10/2023

Multiple Green Technologies In Cars To Help Meet Carbon Neutrality Targets In India: Toyota

Bengaluru-based Toyota Kirloskar Motor, a Toyota Motor Company and Kirloskar Group JV, currently sells a couple of hybrid models in the country, but it does not have battery electric vehicles in its product portfolio as of now

By PTI 25/10/2023

Suzuki's Electric Roadmap Puts India In Driver’s Seat

In an unorthodox move among Japanese automakers, Suzuki positions India as its primary EV hub, targeting an electric future in both domestic and global markets by 2025

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/10/2023