Government To Enhance Funding For E-Two-Wheelers Under The FAME II Scheme

During a stakeholder meeting with 24 FAME-II-registered electric two-wheeler OEMs, it was agreed that the demand incentive should be preserved at Rs 10,000 per kWh of battery capacity, with a cap of 15% of the ex-factory price, down from the 40% currently

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/05/2023

Hyundai Wants Tamil Nadu To Be The Base Of Its EV Production In India

The investment will be made in a gradual manner to advance the development of electric vehicles and modernise vehicle platforms

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/05/2023

More Than Half Of Three-Wheelers In India In 2022 Were Electric Vehicles

In many developing economies, two- or three-wheelers offer a cost-effective way to access transportation, making their electrification essential to fostering sustainable development.

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/04/2023

Zypp Electric, Zomato Join Hands To Deploy 1-Lakh E-Scooters For Last-Mile Delivery By 2024

According to a statement from Zypp, as part of the partnership, Zypp will also give Zomato delivery partners for last-mile deliveries in several cities around the nation.

By PTI 25/04/2023

ESG And Climate Agenda Came Into Sharper Focus In 2022 In Terms Of Investments

India's conventional industries have become a desirable place to invest, with industries like BFSI, healthcare, and energy dominating and ESG taking centre stage

By Outlook Planet Desk 20/04/2023

Subsidies Key To Accelerate Adoption Of Electric Two-Wheelers 

While fuel costs and pollution are main barriers to not buying an ICE two-wheeler, cost savings and environmental factors prompt consumers to consider buying E2Ws 

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/04/2023

Future Awaits For EV

With the advent of EVs, a lot of technological transformation has also come into play. For instance, the engine from traditional ICEs is replaced by a battery, accompanying a Battery Management System (BMS), while transmission has been replaced by a motor and...

By PTI 17/04/2023

Process Initiated For Lithium Extraction In Reasi

A transaction advisor and auction platform are in place to carry forward the extraction process for the secomd highest reserves of lithium to the tune of 5.9 million tonnes in the world

By PTI 16/04/2023

SIDBI Launches Pilot For Better Financing Terms For EVs

The pilot phase of 'Mission 50K-EV4ECO' aims at strengthening the EV ecosystem, including uptake for two, three and four-wheelers through direct and indirect lending

By PTI 16/04/2023

SIDBI’s Mission 50K-EV4ECO To Push The EV Ecosystem

The initiative will enable MSMEs and NBFCs to secure financing to purchase EVs

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/04/2023