Tuticorin Alkali Pioneers Green Soda Ash Production

The company introduces carbon-capture technology in a path-breaking step towards achieving carbon neutrality in Tamil Nadu

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/11/2023

From Crisis To Cure

The updated edition of OUP Environmental Studies has over 80 real-life case studies from India and around the world to illustrate a range of environmental issues, solutions, successes, and failures

By PTI 06/11/2023

Statutory ESG Assurance To Challenge Companies In FY’24

At a time when green washing is rampant throughout the world, mandatory ESG disclosure and third-party assurance of disclosures are the primary weapons that regulators deploy against green washing

By Bose K Varghese 03/11/2023

The ESG Imperative For Manufacturing Suppliers

The manufacturing sector's roadmap to a sustainable, equitable, and transparent era spans from from eco-consciousness to holistic accountability

By Shaleen Khurana 28/10/2023

Navigating ESG: Evolving Trends In BRSR And Sustainability Reporting In India

BRSR is transforming how Indian companies approach sustainability, aligning them with global ESG frameworks

By R. Mukund 27/10/2023

Organisations Embrace ESG Practices Across Operations For Sustainability

Companies make their warehouses green, which entails using energy-efficient solutions and solar energy for all captive requirements

By Nitin Agrawal 19/10/2023

Corporate Captains Use G20 Opportunity To Bat For Streamlining ESG 

B20 has recommended adoption of universally adaptable ESG standards and disclosures; creation of ESG implementation pathways to accelerate adoption of responsible and sustainable process; augmentation of ESG governance; and attention to business resilience...

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/09/2023

ESG Funds Continue To Witness Outflow: Morningstar

Continuing the trend of outflow, the year-to-date 2023 withdrawal was at Rs 1,060 crore as compared to Rs 1,020 crore in the preceding year

By PTI 18/08/2023

Digital Transformation In Sustainability And ESG

While some companies fear sustainability may hurt profits, ESG efforts preserve the profit motive. Participating in ESG efforts gives companies a competitive advantage, as customers are more likely to purchase sustainable and ethical products 

By R. Mukund 18/08/2023

ESG Will Pave Roadmap For Sustainable Future: Meghwal

New-world strategies like ESG will decide where India will stand after 25 years in 2047 when the country will celebrate 100 years of independence, said Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/07/2023