Corporate India's ESG Prospects

International ESG Day 2023: As Indian companies prepare for a future where ESG preparedness is not just a choice but a necessity, the path forward involves a comprehensive rethink of strategies, an embrace of technological innovation, and a commitment to...

By Viral Thakker 30/11/2023

Tuticorin Alkali Pioneers Green Soda Ash Production

The company introduces carbon-capture technology in a path-breaking step towards achieving carbon neutrality in Tamil Nadu

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/11/2023

Statutory ESG Assurance To Challenge Companies In FY’24

At a time when green washing is rampant throughout the world, mandatory ESG disclosure and third-party assurance of disclosures are the primary weapons that regulators deploy against green washing

By Bose K Varghese 03/11/2023

Top 100 US Corporate Citizens Unveiled For 2023

Hewlett Packard Enterprise leads in environmental, social and governance transparency and performance

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/10/2023

The ESG Imperative For Manufacturing Suppliers

The manufacturing sector's roadmap to a sustainable, equitable, and transparent era spans from from eco-consciousness to holistic accountability

By Shaleen Khurana 28/10/2023

Navigating ESG: Evolving Trends In BRSR And Sustainability Reporting In India

BRSR is transforming how Indian companies approach sustainability, aligning them with global ESG frameworks

By R. Mukund 27/10/2023

Organisations Embrace ESG Practices Across Operations For Sustainability

Companies make their warehouses green, which entails using energy-efficient solutions and solar energy for all captive requirements

By Nitin Agrawal 19/10/2023

Sharp Rise In Companies' Climate-Related Risk Disclosure: G20 Report

The report reveals a 26% increase in companies disclosing their climate-related risks and opportunities, while oversight by company boards in this regard rose by 25%

By PTI 13/10/2023

IPG Mediabrands Introduces Inaugural Media Responsibility Index In India

A pioneering initiative by IPG Mediabrands sets a new industry standard for responsible media practices in India, promoting safety, inclusivity, sustainability, and data ethics

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/10/2023

DCM Shriram Raises Funds From HSBC As Sustainability Loan

Ajay Sharma, head-commercial banking at HSBC India, said it is committed to providing financing to support and incentivise the transition to a more sustainable economy

By PTI 29/09/2023