Importance Of Nutrition In The First Three Years Of Life

Brain growth is most dependent on food and nutrition. Here are some tips for the first crucial years of an infant

By Amreen Sheikh 24/04/2021

Get Rid Of Your Visceral Fat

Visceral fat can accumulate due to faulty dietary habits, and lead to many other health issues. Satyendra Garg tells us how he avoided this deadly and common problem.

By Satyendra Garg 28/08/2020

Could COVID-19 Lead To A Spike In Trans Fat Consumption?

Dr Shauna Downs of Rutgers University’s Department of Urban-Global Public Health believes that poorer nations might consume products with more trans fats simply because it is more affordable.

By Ramananda Sengupta 22/08/2020

Nuts For Life!

Are you among those who constantly crave for nuts? Here are some 'brow-raisin' facts about nuts and their benefits you need to know.

By Arshi Khanam 13/08/2020

It’s Time To Bid Goodbye To Vanaspati

Despite global warnings, trans fatty acids continue to be a part of our diet. And the biggest villain is the vanaspati still found in almost every Indian kitchen and eatery

By Richa Pandey 26/07/2020

Are Samosas Chasing You?

'Samosas and other snacks will always follow you. The only way to stop indulging in them is to understand how foods cooked in polyunsaturated vegetable oils --sometimes with dangerous trans fats-- can have deadly consequences on your health..'

By Satyendra Garg 02/12/2020

Matter Of Fat: The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Dr Shweta Khandelwal explains the dangers of trans fats, and why nutrition is interlinked with so many other variables like fiscal and other policies and the empowerment of civil society.

By Ramananda Sengupta 21/07/2020

Why Food Labels Need To Be Upfront, Useful And Understandable

Legible front of the pack labeling with symbols warning consumers about possibly dangerous ingredients is critical to check the rising rate of non-communicable diseases.

By Dr. SubbaRao M Gavaravarapu 24/09/2021

‘We Must Fulfil Our Commitment To Cap Trans Fats By 2022’

Given the clear linkages between trans fatty acids or TFA and non-communicable diseases, we must act quickly to cap it, says Dr Rajan Sankar of Tata Trusts.

By Ramananda Sengupta 18/08/2020

Could Saturated Fat Actually Be Good For You?

An author's tryst with saturated fats defies conventional medical thinking, and suggests that we may have been very wrong about this much vilified fat

By Satyendra Garg 11/07/2020