Observers See OPEC 'Panicking' As COP28 Climate Talks Focus On Possible Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

COP 28: It has been widely reported that the leader of OPEC has written to member countries, urging them to block any language that would phase out or phase down fossil fuels

By PTI 11/12/2023

Negotiators At UN Climate Conference Turn Back To Addressing Fossil Fuels

COP 28: Discussions after a first week of pageantry and official visits now become more difficult, particularly when it comes to language calling for the potential phase-out of the use of emission-spewing fossil fuels

By PTI 09/12/2023

UN Climate Conference Secures $ 83 Billion In Climate Pledges In First Week

COP 28: Anticipation builds for increased progress in substantive negotiations, with the hope that the momentum generated by substantial financial pledges will translate into meaningful actions to address the global climate crisis

By PTI 07/12/2023

Global Push For Fossil Fuel Phase-Out, Faces Resistance From Fossil Fuel-Producing Nations

Climate experts caution that such unilateral actions erode trust between developed and developing nations. The ongoing COP28 is set to finalise the crucial GST document, guiding countries in making necessary changes to combat climate change

By PTI 06/12/2023

Just Phase-Out Of Fossil Fuels Finds Place On Global Stocktake Draft

COP 28: The draft for Global Stocktake proposes ambitious targets for renewables and emission cuts. Still, divergent views on fossil fuels and contentious edits create uncertainty, which could lead to missed opportunities and the dilution of historic...

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/12/2023

Gautam Adani Pitches For Balanced Approach To Energy

COP28: It is relevant to remember that we are the world's third largest primary energy consumer; our per capita electricity consumption of 1250 kWh is still less than one-third of the global average and less than one-seventh of the developed world, Adani said

By PTI 06/12/2023

India, China Refrain From Signing Pledge To Triple World's Renewable Energy Capacity By 2030

COP28: Although China and India have expressed endorsement for the threefold increase in renewable energy by 2030, neither of them formally supported the comprehensive pledge

By PTI 03/12/2023

Oil Companies Pledge To Combat Methane; Environmentalists Call It 'Smokescreen'

COP 28: The pledge is a smokescreen to hide the reality that we need to phase out oil, gas and coal, said a letter signed by more than 300 civil society groups

By PTI 03/12/2023

COP President Issues Document For Phase-Down Of Fossil Fuels

COP 28: More than 100 nations in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and in the Pacific call for phase-out of fossil fuels

By PTI 02/12/2023

COP 28 Marked By A Slew Of Firsts

The 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Dubai, UAE, beginning November 30 to December 12, 2023, is marked by unique features

By Naina Gautam 30/11/2023