Tech Transfer, Finance For Industry Transition Remains A Challenge: Bhupender Yadav

Indian environment minister emphasised collaborative international mechanisms to tackle challenges, particularly barriers like intellectual property rights for technology transfer

By PTI 11/12/2023

Stimulation Of Market Demand And Supply Must For Effective Industrial Policy

 According to The World Wildlife Fund, companies that adopt sustainable practices cut down energy costs by an average of 10%

By Rajesh C. 10/10/2023

GRSE Signs Pacts With Foreign Companies For Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The MoU with Lloyd's Register aims for the development of a hydrogen fuel cell ferry and with Caterpillar Inc aims for a potential collaboration in the production, sale, and service of medium-speed engines, particularly for the Indian Navy and the Indian...

By PTI 22/09/2023

Carbon Emissions Of Two Years' Worth Could Be Reduced By Upgrading Iron, Steel Plants By 2050: Study

Most of the total projected carbon savings, about 74 per cent, could be achieved by upgrading blast oxygen furnaces globally, all of which contribute to around 63 per cent of the world's steel production

By PTI 22/09/2023

EU Lawmakers Approve Raising Renewable Energy Target To 42.5% By 2030

The aim is to reach 45 per cent target. The current goal is 32 per cent

By PTI 13/09/2023

Painting A Greener Future: Eco-Friendly Pursuits For A Healthier Planet

The paint industry can promote eco-friendly practices throughout its operations, by using sustainable materials in its products, such as plant-based oils, recycled content durable material, and low-VOC pigments

By Mahesh Anand 12/09/2023

G20 Commits To Phase Out Inefficient Coal And Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The G20 New Delhi Leaders' Declaration acknowledges the importance of hastening the development, deployment, and dissemination of technologies to transition to low-emission energy systems

By PTI 09/09/2023

SLMG Beverages To Invest In Increasing EV Fleet

The company started using e-vehicles two years ago with its fleet currently spanning across various states, including UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, it said

By PTI 02/09/2023

Global Energy Transition $23-Trillion Market By 2030: US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

Successfully achieving ambitious climate and clean energy aspirations necessitates coordinated efforts on the development of energy transition roadmaps, capacity building, job skilling, and sharing of best practices at all levels of government

By PTI 19/07/2023

Leading Players Too Not Equipped For Transition To Zero Emission Vehicles : ICCT 

A new report evaluates automakers on their performance and strategy across a set of measures related to their current position in the market, technology performance, and strategic vision for future decarbonisation 

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/05/2023