One Health Framework Pilot Launched In Uttarakhand

By developing the One Health Framework, India will successfully address the need for efficient disease reporting and response coordination and optimum utilisation of resources

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/04/2023

Diet Management In The Times of Self-isolation

Here are some food items and tips for quick meal fixes that will keep you healthy this quarantine

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Why You Should Not Cut Down On Carbs: Befriending Prebiotics

From breast milk to whole grains, here are some common resources of prebiotics and their health benefits

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Hot? Forget ice cream. Stay cool with these 8 delicious, super-nutritious fruits

Each of these 8 fruits has specific health benefits. Choose the ones that are best for you, or try them all

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A Few Berries A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Berries deliver a bevy of benefits including better cognitive health, preventing cancer and lowering blood pressure

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Tea Time? Try Some Fruity Tisanes Instead

Tired of regular tea and coffee? A cup of fruit tea may be just what the doctor ordered

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Chocolate +2 Recipes

Limited consumption of dark chocolate has multiple health benefits including a reduced risk of heart diseases and lowering of high blood pressure

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Flower Power: A Colourful Way To Stay Healthy

Apart from adding a dash of color and zing to your plate and palate, flowers have multiple health benefits

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7 Tips On Lung Health Post Covid

If you've been infected by the coronavirus, follow these steps to take care of your lungs.

By Bipasha Das 12/12/2020

How To Beat India's Diet Paradox

Imbalanced diets and poverty are the scourge of our nation. Supplements could help.

By Ramya Ramachandran 03/12/2020