Methane Management Gains Attention

It is the second leading cause of climate change after carbon dioxide

By PTI 24/05/2023

Only Around 13 Percent Of Global Methane Emissions Regulated: Study

One of the main challenges to measuring methane emissions, the researchers said, is accurately identifying and quantifying sources

By PTI 21/05/2023

The World Is Celebrating First International Day Of Zero Waste

The International Day of Zero Waste is observed on March 30 by the UN in recognition and appreciation of zero waste initiatives

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/03/2023

Planet Warming Methane Creates Cooling Clouds, Too, To Offset Heat: New Study

Methane remains a potent contributor to global warming, and efforts to reduce methane emissions are vital for keeping global warming well below 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial values 

By PTI 27/03/2023

US federal agency funds methane capture project India

In order to conduct a feasibility assessment for the construction of a coal mine methane (CMM) recovery facility in the Jharia coalfield in Jharkhand, a federal US agency has authorised grant financing

By PTI 10/03/2023

135 Million Tonnes Of Methane Released Into The Atmosphere By The Energy Sector In 2022: Study

According to the IEA's Global Methane Tracker, the oil and gas industry could reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still making a sizeable profit from the energy crisis

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/02/2023