Is SEBI’s BRSR Core Utilitarian Or Distractive? 

While SEBI’s intention is to bring reliability to ESG disclosures and ratings and reduce cost of compliance in defining BRSR Core, but BRSR Core may not fully deliver on these goals

By Bose K Varghese 13/07/2023

Sebi Puts In Place Regulatory Framework For ESG Disclosures

 In the supply chain, Sebi said that ESG disclosures according to the BRSR Core for the top 250 companies on a comply-or-explain basis will start from 2024-25

By PTI 13/07/2023

Significant Initiatives For The Development Of The Renewable Energy Sector Highlighted At IREDA Meeting

The IREDA's 13th stakeholders gathering encouraged discussion on new renewable energy initiatives and prospective plans

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/05/2023

Good Times Ahead For The ESG Sector

The ESG market will continue to grow and will resemble the IT boom in its pace of expansion

By Anu Chaudhary 12/05/2023

ESG: The Key To Securing A Sustainable Corporate Future

Businesses must accept responsibility for their part in ensuring a sustainable and fair future for the world in the 21st century

By Juhi Gupta 09/05/2023

Finance Ministry To Explore Use of Blended Finance For Green Projects

Blended finance involves using public sector or nonprofit financial resources to gradually increase private sector investment, thereby spurring private funding for high-risk, lengthy projects.

By Outlook Planet Desk 24/04/2023

SEBI To Introduce Regulatory Framework On ESG Disclosures

Taking into account the fact that the emerging markets have environmental and social challenges that differ, the ESG Rating Providers (ERPs) “shall be required to consider India/Emerging Market parameters in ESG Ratings”

By Naina Gautam 30/03/2023

ESG Investments: Gaps, Challenges And Way Forward

ESG is an idea whose time has come, and companies should consider incorporating ESG into their decision-making not only under investor pressure but also for self-interest.

By Harish HV 29/03/2023

Embracing Sustainability As A Strategy in 2023

Organisations should strive to collaborate directly with their suppliers on the best methods to disseminate sustainability requirements throughout their supply networks

By Sandeep Chandna 14/02/2023

SEBI Lists Do’s And Don't To Deal With Greenwashing

The capital markets regulator has said that an issuer of green debt securities will have to ensure that it will not use misleading labels, hide trade-offs or cherry pick data from research to highlight green practices  

By PTI 06/02/2023