Is The Indian Workforce Skilled Enough To Take Up Green Jobs?

While India strives to support green jobs, the Global Green Skills Report highlights India’s challenges in aligning its blue- and white-collar workforces with the rapidly evolving green job landscape

By Peeyush Arya 21/02/2024

Reimagining Growth in a Net Zero World

Implementing a sustainable vision necessitates a collaborative, integrated approach across various organisational functions, including aligning financial and sustainability information and budgeting for decarbonisation and climate change mitigation efforts

By Sandeep Chandna 27/12/2023, Bayer Spotlight Climate-Resilient Farming At RITH-Climate Summit

The summit marked a significant step towards integrating progressive Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) with leading climate champions

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/12/2023

World Acts For Nature Protection

COP 28: World leaders endorse commitments and pledges totalling over $186 million to drive climate action and build momentum for protecting and restoring nature

By Outlook Planet Desk 11/12/2023

$83 Billion Commitment At COP28 Heralds Turning Point For Global Climate Action

COP 28: Nations, businesses, and institutions rally to raise funds to combat the climate crisis, signalling a new era of collective environmental ownership

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/12/2023

PM Modi Looks Forward To Forging Partnerships At COP28

India has consistently underscored the importance of climate action while pursuing social and economic development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

By PTI 01/12/2023

Mufin Green Finance Partners With Snap-E Cabs For Sustainable Urban Mobility

Mufin Green Finance has joined forces with Snap-E Cabs, an app-based fleet of 100 percent Electric Vehicles (EV) based in Kolkata

By PTI 14/10/2023

Battery Rejuvenation Key To Enabling Circular Economy

Lead-acid batteries, commonly used in EVs, tend to deteriorate over time, leading to reduced capacity and performance. Battery rejuvenation aims to reverse this degradation by restoring the battery to a state close to its original condition

By Kavinder Khurana 18/09/2023

RIL, UN Join Hands To Promote Sustainable Fashion

RIL pioneered the concept of the Circular Design Challenge to raise consciousness for sustainability and circular practices across fashion industry

By PTI 18/09/2023

EVs Present Compelling Solution To Mitigate Emissions

World EV Day 2023: EVs hold the promise to combat air pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ensure energy security, and foster economic growth

By Amit Bhatt 09/09/2023