Gujarat Minister Calls For Moving Towards Eco-Friendly Packaging Methods

The government, industry and consumers have significant influence in shaping a healthier future by adopting balanced packaging through formulation of policies, innovations and creating demand for such products, Mulu Bera said

By PTI 13/12/2023

Embracing Compostable Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Owing to the high-usage rate of FMCG products and sustainability commitments, regenerative packaging is the way forward to reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste

By Jagdeep Hira 06/11/2023

Recycling Aseptic Packaging Begins To Move

Companies like UFlex, which are high on circularity, lead the way

By Nandini Keshari 23/10/2023

Painting A Greener Future: Eco-Friendly Pursuits For A Healthier Planet

The paint industry can promote eco-friendly practices throughout its operations, by using sustainable materials in its products, such as plant-based oils, recycled content durable material, and low-VOC pigments

By Mahesh Anand 12/09/2023

Rethinking Plastic Packaging In E-Commerce: A Path To Sustainable Future

World Environment Day 2023: We can revolutionise packaging and promote a greener future for everyone by innovating and working together 

By Hemant Badri 05/06/2023

Pro-Planet Packaging Picks Up

With the growing focus on circular economy, the market space for biodegradable, recyclable and reusable material is set to increase

By Naina Gautam 29/03/2023