JPA Health's Connectability Score Exposes Gaps In Global Health

The report, endorsed by WHO, highlights a pressing need for greater collaboration between influential global stakeholders in human, animal, and environmental health

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/11/2023

Tobacco Harm Reduction Approach Seeks To Reduce The Impact Of Smoking-Related Diseases

Harm reduction does not endorse tobacco use, but recognises the reality of nicotine addiction. Instead of an all-or-nothing approach, harm reduction seeks to minimise the harm caused by tobacco use

By Jatinder Kumar 20/10/2023

WHO Chief Praises India For Its Rich History Of Traditional Medicine

Dr Ghebreyesus urged the participants to use the event as a starting point for a global movement to unlock the potential of traditional medicine through science and innovation

By PTI 18/08/2023

Protect People From Tobacco Smoke: WHO

A new World Health Organization (WHO) report highlights that about 29% of the world’s population lacks even one best practice policy to help save lives from deadly tobacco

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/08/2023

Walking And Safe Cycling Can Reduce Air Pollution And Fight Climate Change: WHO

Heads of national road safety agencies from around 100 countries are coming together at the global road safety summit here to tackle the scourge of road crash deaths and injuries worldwide

By PTI 27/06/2023

World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco Gains Go Up In Smoke

Choosing short-term personal gratification over health and economic losses is not something societies can afford anymore

By Sampriti Das 31/05/2023

100 Crore People In 43 Countries At Cholera Risk: UN

Cholera’s extraordinarily high mortality ratio is also alarming. Malawi and Nigeria registered case fatality rates as high as three per cent this year, well above the acceptable one percent

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/05/2023

Gearing Up For World Environment Day 

A series of Mission LiFE-related events take place across the country mobilising individuals to take pro-planet actions ahead of World Environment Day on June 5

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/05/2023

IKEA, SELCO Seek To Give Public Health Infra Sustainability Edge

A major public health infrastructure which aims at improving healthcare facilities using solar power is being launched 

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/04/2023

World Health Day 2023: Empowering Women To Achieve Health SDG

Irrespective of which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is sought to be addressed for women, it is evident that there is need to empower them across verticals

By Shaifalika Panda 07/04/2023