Instagram Influencers become force multipliers for “Reach Each Child” Campaign

By Outlook Planet Desk April 15, 2021

Here’s our tribute to four Instagram stars who helped promote the cause

Instagram Influencers become force multipliers for “Reach Each Child” Campaign
Instagram Influencers become force multipliers for “Reach Each Child” Campaign.

When Outlook Poshan 2.0 launched the #Reach Each Child Campaign, a group of Instagram influencers took it to heart. Not only did they become powerful force multipliers by spreading the word among their numerous followers, they also ensured that people they met offline were briefed about the campaign, aimed at ensuring that each one of us do our bit to prevent children dying of hunger and malnutrition. Here’s a salute to four influencers who did their bit to bring malnutrition back into our civil discourse.  


Mona Roy @themagicalmona

Mona, a blogger and Instagram lifestyle influencer with 104k followers, promoted the Reach Each Child campaign by posting about  ‘window of opportunity’ in the first 1000 days of a child’s life, which starts from conception till the child is about 2 years old, and positively engaged her followers to respond to the cause.


Anjali Dogra @itzmeanjalidogra

A fashion blogger and Instagram influencer with 56.5k followers, Anjali Dogra shared an Outlook Poshan story on how an all-women owned and managed poultry co-operative in Madhya Pradesh transformed several malnutrition-prone villages,  simply by improving the availability of eggs in rural India. Sometimes, simple things can work wonders.


Nisha Verma @nverma19

Nisha is a naturotherapist cum health/beauty blogger with more than 52k followers. Her post on a bike rally by women riders promoting the Reach Each Child Campaign was an instant hit, garnering over 20,000 views in a couple of days.  The rally began in Gurugram on February 14 and ended at Amaravati in Maharashtra on February 19 covering 1591 km.


Neha Sahni @mommy_perry

A digital creator with 23.1k followers, Neha Sahni started with a simple note about the importance of handwashing, and then went on to talk about how Indians get only 70 per cent of their daily protein needs. Did you know that a simple thing like washing your hands with soap could not only protect you against the pandemic, but also save the lives of thousands of children who die to unhygienic practices?


Dr. Bushra - @allaboutthewoman



Besides being a doctor, Dr. Bushra, a health and wellness blogger with 24.7k followers shared the Outlook Poshan's story of Indians getting only 70 per cent of their daily protien requirement. She encouraged others to comment below the post about how they keep up with their daily protien intake.