Lock Down These Easy Recipes For Children

By Bipasha Das May 13, 2020

Amid the lockdown to batter the COVID-19, it is crucial that the children are taken care of well. Here are some interesting lockdown recipes to boost their immunity.

Lock Down These Easy Recipes For Children
Lock Down These Easy Recipes For Children.

Keeping your child occupied and well fed during a lockdown is not easy. The first thing you need to do is address their concerns about the disease, allaying their fears and explaining why the lockdown is necessary. Let your kids connect with their friends digitally, or do the activities set by their school on a daily basis to keep them engaged. Make family bonding activities fun by involving parents or grandparents. Please ensure that they follow the instructions issued by the government and healthcare specialists like washing hands regularly, maintaining social distancing and cleaning surfaces which are touched regularly.

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Parents are often confused over what food to serve their children to help boost their immunity during these troubled times. Here are a few suggestions:

•Avoid sweet & salty snacks

•Opt instead for nuts, cheese ,buttermilk ,yoghurt ,chopped & dried fruits ,colorful vegetables, chaat made from sprouts, boiled eggs or home made healthy options like dhokla/ chilla / homemade sandwiches/ pasta / pizza by adding colorful veggies.

Also, try these simple things to help boost their immunity naturally.

Turmeric: adding a pinch of turmeric to milk makes it anti-oxidant rich

Vitamin C fruits: jamun , peaches , guava ,oranges and lemon .A juice or even a chaat from these can help beat the summer heat and fight infections.

Dry fruits ,nuts and seeds: these are nutrient dense & provide a good source of protein , vitamins & antioxidants You can also serve trail mix or a laddoo.

Mushrooms: these are loaded with vitamin D and antioxidants which help build immunity. You can serve them in sandwiches/ pizzas/ pasta or sauté with colorful veggies or simply make a hot creamy soup.

Meat & fish: these are good source of protein ,vitamin B , zinc ,iron and Omega 3 fatty acids (found in sea fish) These foods help in building up the body’s natural defense mechanism. Turn them into interesting curries/ cutlets / grills or soup.

Dairy products: Milk shakes , fruit yoghurt ,smoothies can break the monotony of the regular tall glass of milk This provide a lot of protein ,vitamin D and calcium which help build

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And finally, here are simple recipes which will make your day and theirs.

Fish patty (serves-4)


•Boneless fish 500 gm
•Chopped ginger -10 gm
•Chopped garlic -20 gm
•Chopped onion -100 gm
•Chopped vegetables -100 gm ( carrot ,bell peppers )
•Mashed potato-200 gm
•Roasted Cumin powder -1 tsp
•Roasted Coriander powder-1 tsp
•Sesame seeds
•2 tbsp Maida


•Boil the fish with salt & turmeric
•Mix all ingredients in a bowl
•Make into patty shape
•Sprinkle sesame seeds
•Lightly fry the patty
•Serve hot

Red Rice (serves 2)


Rice - 50 gm
Chopped beetroot-30 gm
Chopped carrot -10 gm
Roasted peanuts -2 tbsp
Onion – sliced -20 gm
Boiled egg -1
Chopped tomato-20 gm
Mustard seeds (for tempering )
Salt to taste


•Soak rice for 20 min
•In a pan add oil. once it’s hot add mustard seeds
•Once it crackles add onion and saute (fry quickly in hot oil)
•Then add tomatoes and saute
•Add the beetroot and carrot & sauté
•Add the rice & sauté
•Pressure cook till 1 whistle
•Once it’s done, serve with peanuts and eggs

To avoid childhood obesity, make sure your children engage in some easy exercise ,dance, yoga or any indoor physical activity, while regulating their screen time.

According to a Chinese study, most children who are affected by the Coronavirus are either asymptomatic or have mild or moderate symptoms. While that might be good news, do ensure that they follow all the guidelines like regular handwashing, and do not let them venture into public places. If they show any symptoms of the disease, contact your pediatrician.

(The author is a lifestyle coach and diet counsellor. She tweets @Bipasha1sugati)